You can see a giant robber crab cutting down a golfclub "like a chainsaw" in viral video to shock golfers

The giant intruder, 1500 km west on Christmas Island was found sitting on top of a car that had three clubs and his claws. The monster robber crab ripped a golf club in half, shocking golfers.

Golfing Caddy
Monster Crab

Three clubs were taken from the robber-crab

The crab's owner attempted to get rid of this temperful animal

The crab wrestled and snapped at its owner

"Buster", who was determined to end the scuffle, accepted a prize.

The Aussia Golfers finally accepted defeat

The golfers begged Buster to be kind but the crab claimed he was the new owners.

Paul Buhner explained from local that the video was made by him.

"He has an impressive grip on the thing. Look at that!"

The crab was not happy to let go and his owner tried to pry it from his claws. He snapped the shaft to prevent his owner, who cut through it like an operator'.

Buhner was approached by his friend who said to Buhner "That's unfair. This club is my favorite."

The crab didn't seem to be bothered and continued to fight for more golf equipment.

Buhner stated: “He's taking that, and they're getting that back."

The Aussie added: "Alright, we concede defeat."

Reddit users were shocked by the viral video. An ex-resident of Coconut Island described the scene as a horror scene with a swarming robber crabs emerging out of the trees.

They told us that Barbies love to come out in the night, and that it can be scary when a swarm of Barbies starts coming from trees.

Another said, “Golf can also cause me to be crabby.”

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