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History of iPhone Models & Bezel Trimming

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If you're a fan of Apple products, you probably have wondered how the company decided to simplify its product line by cutting down the bezels on its smartphones. With the iPhone X, you can now get a $1,000 iPhone with a bezel-free edge-to-edge screen and an OLED display. Face ID is now available. Face ID recognizes your face and unlocks the phone without you having to use your fingerprint.

Apple's approach to simplifying its product line

Apple is often accused of confusing its product range, which is a common complaint. Apple's approach to simplifying the product line would be a more accurate description. Actually, Apple has done this. Apple has simplified the iPhone, iPad, Mac and iPhone lineups to make it easier to understand. The iPhone SE, for instance, is a simplified version to the iPhone 5; the 15-inch MacBook Pro, on the other hand, is a more modern device.

Apple's approach for reducing bezels

Apple has made strides to reduce the bezels on its latest products, including the iPad Air 5, iPad mini 6, and the upcoming iPhone 14 Max. Apple has already trimmed the display bezels for some iPhone models including the iPhone 12 & iPhone X. These iPhone models have a slightly lower screen-to–body ratio than previous versions. The bezel width of the new iPhone will likely remain the same as that of the iPhone 12.

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Features of the iPhone 13 series

The iPhone 13 series has a brighter OLED screen measuring 6.1 inches and a 60 Hz refresh rate. Its A15 Bionic SoC gives you enough power to run all the heavy apps and play games. These phones have amazing cameras, capable of capturing high-quality stills as well as video. The new camera has two modes: Cinematic and Photographic. iOS 15 keeps everything running smoothly. Its storage options vary from 128GB through 512GB depending upon the device and configuration.

iPhone 13's base version has a 20% lower bezel

The new iPhone 13's bezels have a thinner profile than the iPhone 13 base model. The iPhone 13's base model has a bezel that measures 2.42mm thick. The Pro Max's bezel measures 1.95mm. Apple may have made this alteration to give more space between cutouts and the top bezel. The cutouts are now 2.29mm under the top of the bezel.

OLED technology was used to create the display panels for the iPhone XS Max & XS Max.

The display panel for the iPhone XS and YS Max was made of an organic light emitting diode (OLED), which means the pixels are not lit by a backlight. This allows them to produce finer detail and a higher contrast ratio. The display can be calibrated individually prior to shipping, which ensures that it is as precise as possible.

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